We don't know where this came from but we think it's pretty awesome.

We don't know where this came from but we think it's pretty awesome.

Are you confused because you thought we were called Heritage Branded? You're not the only one.

When we started in August 2015 as a branch of Heritage Bicycles, we had no clue how things would go. Fortunately, we were quickly inundated with work—which was great—but we found ourselves continually having to explain our concept. Turns out that we are so unlike anything Heritage had ever done (we aren't e-commerce, we aren't brick-and-mortar, we don't fabricate bikes, and we definitely don't know how to make great coffee) people didn't necessarily get it. We were asked a lot of questions like "you build websites for bike companies, right?" and "wait, what is it you do again?"

The name Heritage Branded worked great for us, but it also didn't work at all.

So we decided to rebrand. Just as we help clients with their branding all of the time, our own brand should convey exactly who we are as individuals and as a business. 

Isn't that a lot of time and effort? Yep. It was. It was also definitely worth it. Our takeaway is it's never too late to correct something that isn't working. And we're just the people to help you out should you need a little refreshment (the cocktail kind and the branding kind). Please visit our Projects page or our Bio page to learn more about the new us.

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